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August 1, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

It was a beautiful day in Germany. You were heading to a nearby field to visit your boyfriend, Ludwig. He had invited you for training without Italy or Japan their so that the two of you could socialize and even get in a bit of fresh air and exercise. You had been wanting to have some alone time with him, so of course you naturally didn't refuse the offer when he gave it to you.

To you, Ludwig was the perfect boyfriend. Sure he had a bit of a temper, but he cared about you very much and always knew how to show his affection. His pure, blue eyes always made your heart sink with love when you looked into them. However, what was most special about him was his smile, even though you rarely got to see it when it was to the fullest.

You finally arrived at the sight where Ludwig was staying and got out of your car and headed to the nearby field. You looked for about five minutes before finding him standing near the fence, looking out as if to be waiting for you. He turned around and smiled when he had caught sight of you. You ran up and immediately threw your arms around him while he brought you in for a loving kiss.

"It's good to see you again, liebling," he cooed against your neck.

"I'm happy to see you too, Luddy," you sighed. You both pulled away so that you could see each other face to face. "So then, what shall we do first?"

"First off, let's warm up with stretches," said Ludwig with a strong tone. "Then we'll run three laps around the field, ja?"

"Sounds good!" you chirped as the two of you began.

--Herr Stick's Time Skip--

"Feeling tired now, __________?" cooed Ludwig jokingly as you had both finished your run.

"A little; though you look like you could use a break yourself~" you giggled, slightly punching his shoulder. "I brought some sandwiches if you're hungry."

"That sounds wunderbar," Ludwig chuckled, taking a seat on the blanket. You both finally had an opportunity to unwind and socialize. However, about ten minutes later...

"Germany!" a familiar Italian voice chirped from the distance. "Germany, where are you~?" Damn... Italy and Japan had shown up and they were looking for Luwig.

"Scheiße, it's Feli and Kiku..." Germany mumbled. Suddenly, you felt Ludwig's strong arms pull you up to your feet. He led you out of the field to a nearby storage room, shutting the door behind. He felt the same way and didn't feel like talking with anyone else but you. "We should be alright in here."

"Thanks," you sighed. "I thought we'd never get some alone time."

"I didn't want that either," he chuckled. "Italy can be annoying and I don't feel like talking to Japan either." You looked up at Germany with a sincere smile. He moved ahead of you and took a seat on corner of the floor. As you paced over to him, your foot became caught in some netting, causing you to fall down on top of him.

"_-__________!" Ludwig screeched. "Lieb, are you alright?"

"Y-yeah," you sighed. "I'm sorry!" Ludwig just chuckled and brought you in for a peck on the lips. They were sweet and he smelled of the deodorant he sprayed on after the run. You pulled away with a huge blush on your cheeks. Ludwig's eyes were full of passion and love. He smiled at you before placing a sweet kiss on your neck, causing you to moan in approval. He pulled away and smirked.

"__________, das gut, ja?" Ludwig cooed.

"S-shut up and keep going dammit," you moaned. Ludwig complied as his hands moved under your shirt and massaged your soft breasts. "L-Ludwig~" He then proceeded to remove your shirt and begin licking down your neck to your chest. His hands went further down, removing your athletic shorts, revealing no underwear underneath. He was a bit surprised, but he smirked at the sight.

"No underwear~?" he chirped. "__________... you naughty, naughty frau~"

"Well then, I guess you'll have to punish me," you cooed against his lips. Ludwig growls playfully and begins to kiss you passionately, asking for entrance with his tongue, which you give immediately. Somehow you manage to remove his jacket and shirt from his body in no time. His muscles were well-toned. You swore he had the body of a god. After removing your bra, Ludwig moves over your naked body, smothering you in kisses and love bites. Your hands go down his waist and remove his pants and boxers, leaving only his gloves on his hands. You then had and idea and somehow gathered enough strength to pin him underneath you.

"__________, you awful girl~" he purred huskily. "Trying to take control of your commanding officer?" You reached for a crop lying nearby on the ground, lightly stroking it against his chin.

"I'm feisty and you're going to love it," you whispered against his lips. Pulling away, you stroke the crop against his hardened member, earning moan after moan from Ludwig's mouth. You then began to whip it violently.

"_-__________!" Ludwig screamed. Sure it doesn't seem pleasurable, but he was enjoying every second of it. However, it ended when Ludwig pinned you down to the ground once again.

"_-__________..." he panted heavily. "I'm going to make you scream..." With that said he positioned his tongue at your entrance and began licking around your clitoris. You screeched in pleasure at his touch and wanted more. With an instant thrust, his tongue went into your body.

"L-LUDWIG~" you moaned in bliss. His tongue swirled inside making you sweat and pant. He pulled out, however, before you could cum. It would be unfair to him to have you spoiled before he could do more to you. Ludwig found a pillow on floor and placed it under your bottom to lever your body. He was fairly big and knew that it might hurt you if you were flat.

"Ready, liebe?" he cooed huskily at you.

"Yes," you sighed. "Just take it slow okay?" Ludwig kissed you passionately as he made a deep thrust into you. Pain immediately surged through your body, causing a few tears to spill down your face. He was still for a while so that you could adjust. After about a minute you bucked your hips up a little. "L-Ludwig, move~" Complying, he gave a strong and steady buck into your hips, causing you both to moan in unison.

"_-__________... SO TIGHT!" Ludwig groaned. He became faster and stronger with each thrust, wanting to go as deep as he could. He finally reached your g-spot and switched positions to make thrusting into it easier.

"L-LUDDY, I'M GOING TO CUM!" you scream at the top of your lungs.

"M-ME TOO!" Ludwig groaned. "F-FUCK JA!" You both climaxed in unison, your love juices mixing together. You both panted and tried to retain yourselves. Ludwig pulled out of you with a groan and wet pop. He pulled your body on top of him and began to lightly stroke your back.

"L-Ludwig, I love you," you sighed against his chest. He placed a sweet kiss on your forehead.

"Ich liebe dich, __________," he replied with a yawn. Suddenly, the door opened with a bang. You and Ludwig look over to see a certain Italian blushing and a very disturbed Japan.

"I see now!" Feliciano cooed. "You two just had sex!"

"M-My eyes..." Kiku moaned looking away. You and Ludwig glared violently at the two.

"GET THE HELL OUT!" you both yelled. Well, at least you had a good time with your boyfriend, even though it ended wrong.
Idk what to say about this one... :iconwhutplz:

:iconsexygermany3plz: *dies of massive nosebleed*
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That ending was adorable. Just saying.
MizMikuHatsune Apr 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
god damnit I'm having a moment you two
Germany spent too much time with Alfred if he is picking up the catchphrase. :icongermanygasmplz: :iconpervyamericaplz:
Lunastar125 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Japan.
badassgermanchick Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. I shouldn't read these in public
3. dat ending ...OUO
girlarcherartist Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
.... poor Japan......... someone tell me if he's ok........
Honestly, that's another 8 or 9 months of therapy for our adorable, emotionaly scarred Kiku. XD
girlarcherartist Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
.... I'm no fangirl but I wanna give a hug to help him feel better....Hug 
Hmm…would that hurt or help poor Kiku? Idk
girlarcherartist Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
don't worry i'm NOT one of those people that will hug you to DEATH! it will be a simple hug... <//_^> nya
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